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Solution 1

  • Technical Specifications

    Weight *50-83 kg/m² or 0.5-0.83 KN/m² 
    Dimensions **Height: 1000 mm/ Width: 600 mm/ Depth: 60 mm
    Colorsnatural color of aluminium or according to RAL
    Vegetation formperennial plants - grasses
    Ecological value
    Maintenance costs
    Cost factor **
    *Depending on the load capacity of the substructure, Optigreen "High Density (HD)" or "Low Density (LD)" substrates can be used. Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 60 - 70 % of the saturated weight.
    **Prices may vary regionally.
  • Brief Description

    Optigreen Aluminium Frame with corners, side panels, drainage channel and upper cover plate

    • Made of aluminium. Color: natural color of aluminium or according to RAL color chart.
    • Framing of the facade elements in order to ensure a clean finish.
    • Drainage channel for targeted discharge of surplus water.

    Optigreen Suspension Rail

    • Made from aluminium.
    • Special profile geometry with ducts for the irrigation tubes.
    • Attached directly to the structurally suitable walls or onto a suitable support construction (on site).
    • The facade cages can be mounted easily.

    Optigreen Facade Cage

    • Substrate filled aluminium cassette system.
    • Surface color of the aluminium cages may be chosen according to RAL.
    • Standard measurements (1000 x 600 mm) and custom made designs.
    • Filled with special substrate, ca. 20 l/m².
    • Prepared gaps for plants.
    • Download Data Sheet


    • Stores and distributes the water evenly to all facade elements.
    • Integrated into the Facade Cage.
    • Rotproof and high tensile strength.
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Drip Irrigation

    • Automatic irrigation system with an irrigation computer.
    • Nutrient added to the water.
    • Low water demand, little water loss.
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