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Optigrün international AG
Am Birkenstock 15-19
D-72505 Krauchenwies-Göggingen

Tel.:+49 7576 772-0
Fax:+49 7576 772-299

E-Mail: info[at]optigruen[dot]de

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Directions to Optigrün international AG
(Part 1: Connection to highway/federal highway)

When arriving from Stuttgart:
(Stuttgart - Göggingen: ca. 120 km, 90 min)

  • Autobahn A 81 in direction of Singen
  • Exit Empfingen
  • In direction of Haigerloch, Balingen, Albstadt-Ebingen,
  • Sigmaringen, in direction of Meersburg
  • By Krauchenwies in direction of Meßkirch (B 311) until Göggingen

When arriving from Ulm:
(Ulm - Göggingen: ca. 80 km, 80 min)

  • B 311 Ulm in direction of Sigmaringen
  • Passing Ehingen, Riedlingen, Herbertingen (B 311) by
  • Krauchenwies in direction of Meßkirch until Göggingen

Directions to Optigrün international AG
(Part 2: in Göggingen)

In Göggingen:

  • In Göggingen center (Gasthof Löwen, fountain)
  • up the mountain (arriving from Messkirch take a right, arriving from Krauchenwies take a left),
  • take a sharp left in direction of the cemetery.
  • Follow the cemetery walls on the left and keep going straight until you get to the Optigrün offices (green entrance).
  • Or follow the cemetery walls on the right on a gravel road in order to get to the training centre (Schulungszentrum).

Have a nice trip! 
In case you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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