Designing green roofs in BIM


Optigreen systems are now available through BIMobject

Optigreen is one of the market leading system providers for green roofs in Europe. Advising architects and builders on the different variants of green roofs, drainage boards and plant containers, Optigreen is a pioneer in the development and use of new technologies in both products and services.

15 green roof build-ups in BIM library

Green roof systems from Optigreen are now available as BIM objects in addition to DWG, PDF and JPEG formats. BIM (Building Information Modelling) shows these build-ups as 3D models.

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Roof greening system that has proven itself over decades:
Nature Roof system solution. Biodiversity, species protection and nature conservation


Greened roofs combine a variety of positive effects. Perhaps the most important and understandable argument in favour of green roofs is their role as an “ecological balance”. With its Nature Roof campaign and the Nature Roof system solution, Optigreen international AG presented a green roof structure over 20 years ago that displays greater ecological significance than frequently-used simple sedum roofs thanks to its biodiversity (species and structural diversity).

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Innovative rainwater management: weather app controls drainage from green roof


Around 74 hectares of natural space is sealed off in Germany every day. These areas are disappearing from the natural water cycle over the long term. The drainage system is outdated and insufficient in almost every town and city. Investments and expansions in the existing system are very costly and are thus avoided. The more affordable solution is to restrict the discharge permitted into the overloaded drainage network. What’s more, flooding verification in accordance with DIN 1986-100 has increased in importance over recent years. The quantity of water produced should be verifiably retained on one’s own property without buildings becoming flooded.

Optigreen international AG has kept abreast of these developments and developed the flow control-type “retention roof” system solution in the versions “green roof” and “public roof”. This means there are now innovative solutions for setting a specified maximum discharge and to thus observe the restriction on discharge into the drainage system

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Unique solar retention green roof in the Dutch city of Brunssum combines many advantages


The Sanforum center for health and diagnosis in the Dutch city of Brunssum, which was built mostly during the last year, contains several health and spa features. This modern complex contains everything related to health e.g. doctor's consulting offices, chemist's shop, ergo-, physio- and speech therapy.  It also offers ambulant primary care and subsequent secondary care. Additionally there are informative events, workshops and conferences related to health issues. Furthermore, there are plans for assisted living facilities. The objective of both owners and planners is to create a spa and health center for the region, that thoroughly covers every aspect of these topics. All this should be accomplished by means of a modern building which should be friendly towards visitors and patients, which should also be functional and appealing and blend harmonically into the green surrounding landscape.

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The success story of the Optigrün international AG Partner Network continues


Between January and March of this year a total of ten internal seminars for continuing education were held, during which nearly 300 professionals of the Optigrün International AG Partner Network were brought up to date with greening of buildings.  In the course of these seminars participants were trained in the use of new products and System Solutions and informed about legal updates. This is the only way to maintain the high level of quality and fair market values associated with the Optigrün brand.

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New: Children's book about Roof Greening



"Four Friends find a New Home" - is the title of a recently published Children's book by Optigreen.

The book is about a group of animals, that are driven out of their habitat due to construction work and have to start looking for somewhere else to live. After  wandering around they end up in a seemingly inhospitable city... where they find unexpected shelter and a new home.


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Messe GaLaBau 09/17 - 09/20/2014 in Nuremberg


Green roofs - feel-good haven and necessity

Optigrün international AG will be present at Messe GaLaBau 2014 with its own booth and will present the newest innovations. The following topics and system solutions will be presented: 

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At Optigrün international AG presents their new internet presence.

The homepage already shows how much information is provided on the website: system solutions, planning aids with downloads (CAD drawings, data sheets, technical subjects) and a short description of Optigrün international AG with contacts and international contacts. Furthermore news and fair events are easily viewable.

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There is often the talk of greening the complete outer surface (four walls and the roof) of a building and provide it with a “green shroud“.  This was done in Eupen, situated just over the border into Belgium, where the new Parliament building of the German Speaking Community is situated. The project was implemented in an exemplary manner over 635 square meters of roof and walls greening. Modern architecture combined with advanced building greening concepts have created an impressive estate inserted between the historic main building and the park.

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