Green roofs - feel-good haven and necessity

Optigrün international AG will be present at Messe GaLaBau 2014 with its own booth and will present the newest innovations. The following topics and system solutions will be presented:

Usable roof landscape, living space roof terrace, roof garden

The roof terrace is easily usable as an additional relaxation and living space using the railing SkyGard which is secured by superimposed load and does not penetrate the roof membrane. Using the Optigreen Plant Containers Type Alu many design ideas may be realized.

Industrial green roofs with multiple uses

Industrial roofs should not only be greened because of the building control requirements, but also because they can achieve a variety of positive effects: ecological compensation, protection of the roof membrane and rain water management; the Optigreen Retention Roof offers these advantages and many more. 

Pitched Roofs - safe and affordable

The Optigreen Anti-Slip System Type P using the Drainage Board FKD 58 SD is suitable for roofs with a roof pitch of up to 35°. The new system solution offers easy installation and affordable material price so that pitched green roofs become a more affordable option.

Consultants will be available for specific object details and general information during the fair; they support planers and contractors to achieve a professional and permanently functional green roof and/or wall garden. 

Each visitor will receive a free copy of the technical brochure and the children's book "Four Friends find a new Home".

Booth: Halle 4, No. 4-103. 

Further information is available at

Photo 1: Greened pitched roofs are an eyecatcher time and time again - Optigrün international AG will present the newest trends for this topic. 

Photo 2: "Life on roofs": Optigreen Plant Containers and Fall Protection SkyGard can be adjusted to specific objects and different measures.

Photo 3: "Water": The system solution Retention Roof Meander 30 reduces the discharge peaks by 99 %.

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