www.optigreen.com – new website

At www.optigreen.com Optigrün international AG presents their new internet presence.


The homepage already shows how much information is provided on the website: system solutions, planning aids with downloads (CAD drawings, data sheets, technical subjects) and a short description of Optigrün international AG with contacts and international contacts. Furthermore news and fair events are easily viewable.


The main function of optigreen.com remains informing building owners and planners about product and system solutions for their specific objects and building endeavors. For each of the 10 system solutions CAD drawings, data sheets, short descriptions, seed lists and references are available. Often the user is able to get to the desired system solution with just one or two clicks and is then shown all available information. The same is true for the products: there are multiple product groups that guide the user to the desired product with photos and data sheets. It is also very important that the user can view all information such as CAD drawings, data sheets and system specifications without having to register or sign in. The most important products are available in 360 degree views, in order to allow for a better understanding of the functions and advantages of the specific Optigreen Product.


But Optigrün has even more improvements in store: now there are links to the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+. More changes are to come with the introduction of the new technical brochure. Stay tuned!


The new website is complemented by the clearly structured compilation of different reference objects - a photo database with short informations which are not only helpful to the press but also to architects who want to extend their presentations with specific implementation examples. Many employees have worked hard on the new website of Optigrün international AG and are more than willing to help all interested users personally and in a competent manner in case there are any questions.





Picture 1: New website of Optigrün international AG: www.optigreen.com.


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Please use "Optigrün" as source indication. Thank you!