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Optigrün Vegetation and Fertilizer

Optigrün Seed Mix MKR/MGR for extensive green roofs with sedum, herb and grass vegetation in conjunction with sedum shoot seeding.



Optigrün Seed Mix EKR/EGR for nature roof system structure (also pitched roof). Must be used in conjunction with sedum shoot seeding (then 50 g/m²).



Optigrün Sedum Cuttings contain various sedum species for use on extensive green roofs.



Optigrün degradable Vegetation Mats are used for extensive green roofs.



Optigrün rot-proof Vegetation Mats are used for extensive pitched roofs or wind up-lift protection.

Special sedum, herbs and grass perennials for extensive roof greening, in various container sizes.

Optigrün Opticote Slow Release Fertiliser is a fully-coated slow release sediment fertilizer for use on extensive and intensive green roofs.



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