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Economy Roof
Solution 1 (using drainage board): 0-5°

  • Technical Specifications

    Weight *90-140 kg/m² or 0.9-1.4 KN/m²
    Build-up depth80 mm
    Roof pitch0 – 5° (0 – 9 %)
    Vegetation formsedum-herbs-grasses
    Water retention50 – 60 % 
    Discharge coefficient **C=0.47 - 0.6
    Water storageapprox. 25 l/m²
    Discharge yield ***141-180 l/s x ha
    Ecological value
    Maintenance costs
    Cost factor
    *Depending on the load capacity of the substructure, Optigreen "High Density (HD)" or "Low Density (LD)" substrates can be used. Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 60 - 70 % of the saturated weight.
    **Depends on slope and system solution. Determined at 0° according to FLL guidelines.
    ***Determined according to FLL discharge coefficient measurements using a 15-minute reference rainfall r(15) = 300 l/s x ha.
  • Brief Description

    Optigreen Hydro-Seeding
    (alternatively dry seeding)

    • Optigreen Hydro-Seeding uses a special germinating substrate and a finely tuned Seed Mix Type E, consisting of numerous herbs (also grasses if desired) as well as various sedum shoots
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Extensive Substrate E
    (60 mm) *

    • A substrate with high water storage capacity and good air porosity, tailored to extensive multi layer systems
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Combi Inspection Chamber TKS Plus
    (not shown in the drawing)

    • Simple control of roof drainage outlets
    • Extendable in 100 mm increments
    • Side and top drainage openings
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Filter Fleece FIL 105

    • Prevents fine particles from forming sludge in the drainage layer; high water permeability
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Drainage and Water Storage Element FKD 25 (25 mm)

    • Rapid discharge of surplus water
    • Prevents accumulation of water for non-pitched roofs and large drainage lengths
    • Light-weight build-up with high drainage capacity
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Protection and Storage Fleece RMS 300

    • Protects the roof membrane against damage and stores water
    • For inverted roofs, use the Optigreen Trickle Protection Mat Type RS instead of the RMS fleece
    • Download Data Sheet



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