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Garden Roof
Solution 1 (with Drainage Board): 0-5°

  • Technical Specifications

    Weight320-680 kg/m² or 3.2-6.8 KN/m² * 
    Layer height260-470 mm
    Roof pitch0–5° (0–9 %)
    Vegetation formperennial plants-woody plants-lawn
    Water retention70-95 %
    Discharge coefficientC=0.2
    Water storageca. 110-160 l/m²
    Ecological value
    Maintenance costs
    Cost factor 
    *Depending on the load capacity of the substructure, Optigreen "High Density (HD)" or "Low Density (LD)" substrates can be used. Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 60 - 70 % of the saturated weight. In accordance with the requirements of the FLL guideline, the specified weight does not take temporary water accumulation into account.




  • Brief Description

    Optigreen Intensive Substrate Type i (230 – 330 mm)
    Alternative: Optigreen Lawn Substrate Type R (200 mm)

    Optigreen Filter Fleece Type 105

    • Prevents fine particles from forming sludge in the drainage layer; high water permeability.
    • Download Data Sheet

    Optigreen Drainage Board Type FKD 60 BO (60 mm)

    Optigreen Combi Inspection Chamber (patented)
    (not shown in the drawing)





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