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Lightweight Roof
Solution 1: 0-5°

  • Technical Specifications

    Weight *53 kg/m² or 0.53 KN/m² *
    Layer height50 mm
    Roof pitch0 - 5° (0 - 9 %)
    Vegetation formmoss-sedum
    Water retention40 - 50 %
    Discharge coefficient **C=0.63 - 0.65
    Water storageca. 18 l/m²
    Ecological value
    Maintenance costs
    Cost factor **
    *Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 50 - 60 % of the saturated weight.
    **Depends on slope and system solution. Determined at 0° according to FLL guidelines.




  • Brief Description

    Optigreen Vegetation Mat SM/G 20

    • Pre-cultivated sedum mat for the rapid establishment of vegetation in order to prevent wind erosion, with decomposable carrier
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    Optigreen Low Density Substrate L 30 l/m²

    • Specially formulated substrate for single layer extensive roofs  featuring low weight but high water storage capacity.
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    Optigreen Inspection Chamber LD

    • Simple control of root drainage outlets
    • Mounted onto the Optigreen Drainage and Storage Board FKD 25

    Optigreen Drainage and Storage Board FKD 25 (25 mm)

    • Rapid discharge of surplus water
    • Prevents accumulation of water on non-pitched roofs and on large drainage runs
    • Good water storage capacity
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