Nature Roof
Solution 1 (using Drainage Board): 0-5°


  • Multi-layered construction design using the Optigreen Drainage Board.
  • High biodiversity of flora and fauna.
  • Ecologically valuable green roofing.
  • Habitat for butterflies and wild bees, among others.
  • Long-lasting and colorful blooming effect.
  • Use of recycled plastic materials.
  • Extensive and onefold intensive.
  • Generally suitable for the inverted roof; if applicable, minimum load for the wind up-lift protection has to be considered.
Weight *100-300 kg/m² or 1.0-3.0 KN/m² 
Build-up depth100-250 mm
Roof pitch0-5° (0-9 %)
Vegetation formherbs-grasses-sedum, possibly woody plants
Water retention60 - 70 %
Discharge coefficient **C=0.56 - 0.27
Water storageapprox. 30 - 80 l/m²
Discharge yield ***81-168 l/s x ha
Ecological value
Maintenance costs
Cost factor
*Depending on the load capacity of the substructure, Optigreen "High Density (HD)" or "Low Density (LD)" substrates can be used. Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 60 - 70 % of the saturated weight.
**Depends on slope and system solution. Determined at 0° according to FLL guidelines.
***Determined according to FLL discharge coefficient measurements using a 15-minute reference rainfall r(15) = 300 l/s x ha.

Perennial plants and/or Optigreen Seed Mix EKR and sedum shoots

Optigreen Extensive Substrate E (50 - 200 mm)

  • A substrate with high water storage capacity and good air porosity, tailored to extensive multi layer systems.
  • Mounds of up to 250 mm, as required, for increased biodiversity
  • Download Data Sheet

Optigreen Combi Inspection Chamber TKS Plus (not shown in the drawing)

  • Simple control of roof drainage outlets
  • Extendable in 100 mm increments
  • Side and top drainage openings
  • For larger roof areas or syphonic drainage systems
  • Download Data Sheet

Optigreen Filter Fleece FIL105

  • Prevents fine particles from forming sludge in the drainage layer
  • High water permeability
  • Download Data Sheet

Optigreen Drainage and Water Storage Element FKD 40 (40 mm)

  • Rapid discharge of surplus water
  • Prevents accumulation of water on non-pitched roofs with minimal or no drainage falls and over long drainage runs
  • Good water storage capacity
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Optigreen Protection and Storage Fleece RMS 300