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System solution

  • Economy Roof

    Affordable green roof and protection of the roof membrane.

  • Lightweight Roof

    Saves costs for static, lightest green roof solution but also wind up-lift and wind erosion proof. More expensive than the system solution Economy Roof.

  • Nature Roof

    Most ecological value, high biodiversity and high water retention.

  • Retention Roof

    Meander systems, high water retention, defined discharged coefficient, targeted rain water management.

  • Pitched Roof

    Greenable pitched roofs with award-winning Anti-Slip Systems.

  • Garden Roof

    Use of roof landscape as an additional living space that is affordable and beautiful.

  • Landscape Roof

    Extended area use, recreational and playground landscapes on roofs, Drainage Board FKD 60: Drainage and water storage.

  • Public Roof

    Parking and walking access on roofs, roof area use, pressure resistant Drainage Board FKD 12.

  • Solar Green Roof

    Economical combination of green roof and photovoltaics.


Helping to secure the future with a green roof

Who doesn't want to live in a green and healthy environment and enjoy the freedom of a garden?

A green roof is a relatively simple solution in the private housing construction sector. Whether as an extensive green roof on the garage, carport or summerhouse or an intensive green roof with a utilisable terrace on an apartment house - there are many options.


A green roof is beautiful to look at and combines a number of positive effects. Many commercial and municipal buildings have green roofs and are prime examples for the implementation of large-scale projects - so why not do the same on a smaller scale with a green roof on a private house?
Optigreen is a reputable supplier with a broad product range of products and system solutions for green roofs, including do-it-yourself materials. Give it a try!

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