Optigrün supports social, charitable and cultural projects

Once again this year Optigrün is doing without Christmas presents for its customers and partners. Instead, the company is donating a total of 24 500 euros to various social, charitable, cultural and other institutions in and from the Sigmaringen region.

Already in October, the approximately 80 Optigrün employees were able to submit their very personal suggestions as to where the company's donations should go this year. On the one hand, the Optigrün team decided on organisations and facilities in the Sigmaringen region, where Optigrün is based. On the other hand, they also considered an aid project in the Philippines, which was initiated by people from the region. "We do not want to donate to anonymous aid organisations. Instead, we prefer projects that we know personally and where we can see how our donations are used", says Optigrün CEO Uwe Harzmann.

Support of charitable institutions in the region
This year's recipients of donations in the region include Caritas Sigmaringen, "Haus Nazareth" in Sigmaringen, a former orphanage that now offers a wide range of social therapeutic youth welfare services in the Sigmaringen district, and the Sigmaringen Palliative Care Network. Further donation cheques went to the kindergarten of the Lassberg School in Sigmaringen, which is run by the Körperbehindertenzentrum Oberschwaben (KBZO), and to the Mariaberg facility, which provides life and work assistance for disabled people.

Donations also flow to the Philippines
The Mariphil e.V. association was pleased to receive a donation cheque for 5000 euros. It runs the children's village "Atong Pinuy-Anan" (in English: "our home") in the Philippines. It cares for orphans and neglected children who have been victims of violence, maltreatment and sexual abuse in their families. The patron of the project is Gerlinde Kretschmann, the wife of Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg. Other smaller donation cheques went to various cultural projects in the region, to local clubs and to the "Advent Calendar" campaign of the Sigmaringen-Hohenzollern Lions Club. (fv)